How to Rebound, Collaborate, Take Risks, and Improve Yourself to Achieve Your Dreams

If you have a burning desire, you can achieve it.

Help enough people reach their burning desires and you’ll see the result for yourself. I can promise you this because I’m living proof of it. 

Today, I’m teaching you exactly how I got here. I’m sharing the last four steps for applying the strategies in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. They are practical strategies to take what you learn from the book and put it into action.

1. Rebound from failure

We all get knocked down. However, if you’ve been knocked down, don’t know what to do, and feel like a failure, you can rebound. You just need to believe in yourself and not give up.

Everything is on the other side of this failure if you will just decide to get up.

Nobody is successful all the time with everything. However, successful people adapt and overcome. They understand that your failure isn’t who you are; it’s what you did. You can make a better decision today.

Additionally, what you surround yourself with and what you tell yourself matters. You will rebound more quickly when you get around people who know how to rebound. You will also bounce back much more easily if you believe that you are worth it and tell yourself so every day.

2. Collaborate

Work with others who can make you more effective. This requires you to understand who is in your align and design dream team.

Look for people that aren’t the same as you but will become your better half. Their skills should be a good collaboration with your skills. You should be able to elevate and educate each other.

Work a plan with these people. Make sure they understand their roles and you understand yours. This will create an extremely effective dream team.

3. Take risks

Sometimes we get lazy when we have a little bit of success under our belt. We don’t take it to the next level or we keep doing something just because it’s the way we’ve always done it.

This is when we need to take calculated risks. They create fire and a burning push to keep you going. They make you run faster towards the reward on the other side.

To understand the risks around you, take a risk assessment. Ask what you’ll have to give up if you perform a certain action and what you’re willing to trade for your time.

4. Self-improvement

I don’t compete with my competitors; I compete with myself. I want me and my team to become the best we can be.

I encourage you to do the same. Make it your goal to make a great impact for your clients.

Truly, the future belongs to those who think better and think before others. So anticipate the needs of your clients and make decisions based on that anticipated need.

All of this involves self-improvement. This requires you to have a personal growth plan. Inch by inch and through small actions over time, you will improve yourself.

So get up and decide to become the best version of yourself every day. It will affect every area of your life because when you’re improving, your family, dynamics, and relationships improve too.

If you want to learn more about these steps to mastering your money and mindset, check out Episode 063: Strategies to Live Life Rich from Think and Grow Rich Part 3.

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