Growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Think about it: we were never meant to develop in solitude. During our younger years we are surrounded by others guiding, instructing, and yes — coaching — us through life. Parents. Teachers. Counselors. Advisors. Pastors. Mentors.

But something happens as we move along in life: these folks start disappearing!

It doesn’t happen intentionally — it’s just life. But again, growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The problem is that by the time people realize this, they feel too far along to make a change.

I want you to live a rich life. Even better: you want to live a rich life! Deep inside, you do! The breaking point is usually this: you aren’t just sick and tired –– you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired! If you’re ready to do something about it, then consider coaching.

Will coaching really work for me?

Coaching is a gamechanger because you learn differently now than you did in your formative years. You don’t need someone lecturing you — you need the kind of clarity that comes only from self-awareness, self-discovery, and new energy!

One of the best times to get coaching is when you feel stuck or off-course, especially in the core four areas of spiritual, emotional, relational, or financial well-being. If you’re not feeling ALIVE in any one (or all) of these areas, it’s time to do something about it!

Maybe you’re going through a transition in your career, or your relationships. Maybe you’re seeking balance, purpose, or deeper fulfillment. Maybe you’re wondering, “Of all the good things I could do, what’s the best thing?” – or you find yourself asking:

5 good reasons we should talk today

You need a trusted guide who helps you dig deep and encourages you to dream big. I believe I’m that person. As a certified professional coach, I help you:


Build Self-Awareness

Together, we’ll utilize open-ended questions to draw out what’s already brewing on the inside. Discover your passions, translate them into action steps, and take action!


Create Your GPS (Guided Planning System)

We’ll chart a course using a Guided Planning System to help you navigate key decisions in your life. When you follow your GPS everything else falls into place.


Discover Your Unique Design

Discover your unique design and how to apply your individual giftings to help you achieve the results you want. Get ready to be challenged towards growth.


Cultivate Lasting Change

Coaching is not just about digging in to reach a goal but developing, supporting, and maintaining new habits and behaviors. It’s time for a new normal, baby!


Bring Out Your Best

You are the expert on your life. As your coach, mentor, and thinking partner I am trained to support you in living out that reality. I’ll be here to point out your potential, even when you lose sight of it.

Three Ways to Work Together:

Our meetings will primarily be conducted over Zoom using audio. However, if you prefer a video session, simply let us know. To ensure that each session is as productive as possible, we kindly ask that you provide your coaching agenda 24 hours in advance. This should include key areas you wish to address, such as obstacles, opportunities, priorities, and pain points.

Furthermore, for every session, we’ll request a progress report. This report will detail the action steps taken since our last meeting and showcase the advancements we’ve made in pushing your objectives forward.


Money & Mindset
6-Month Coaching:

Over the span of 6 months, we’ll meet twice monthly, totaling 12 sessions. These sessions are pre-scheduled for mutual convenience. If you need to reschedule, please give us a 48-hour notice. The investment for this package is $2,000 USD monthly. However, if you choose to make a one-time payment, it’s only $10,000 USD, giving you a savings of $2,000.


  • Meet twice a month for 6 months (Total of 12 sessions).
  • Pre-scheduled sessions; 48-hour notice required for rescheduling.


  • Monthly: $2,000 USD.
  • One-time payment: $10,000 USD (Save $2,000).


Money & Mindset
Flex Coaching:

This package offers the flexibility of on-demand coaching. You can purchase blocks of coaching hours and use them as you see fit, from 30-minute increments to half-day sessions. Additionally, I’m available to be a teaching partner or a guest speaker for your online events for up to 2 hours. If you’re thinking of an in-person event, let’s discuss it. The sessions are valid for a year from the purchase date. The total cost for 12 hours is $12,000 USD, which can be split into two payments: $6,000 USD due upfront and the remaining $6,000 USD due 30 days later.


  • Purchase coaching hours to use as needed (e.g., 30 minutes, 1 hour, half-day sessions).
  • Available as a teaching partner or guest speaker for online events (up to 2 hours). In-person events negotiable.
  • Sessions valid for one year from purchase.


  • $12,000 USD for 12 hours.
  • Two payments: $6,000 USD upfront, and $6,000 USD 30 days later.


Vision Retreat
+ Mentorship:

Experience a transformative business-building day at Marissa’s private residence, either in sunny Florida or the serene landscapes of Costa Rica. This package not only offers an intensive mentoring day but also includes twelve 60-minute coaching sessions to ensure sustained growth. The evening before your retreat, enjoy a private dinner with Marissa and gain access to her exclusive inner circle throughout your coaching journey. This retreat requires a 2-night stay, and participants are advised to arrive a day prior. (You are responsible for airfare and other related expenses.) 

Due to the exclusivity of this package, availability is limited and there’s a seasonal waiting list. The investment for this immersive experience is four payments of $5,000 USD or a discounted one-time payment of $18,000 USD.


  • Marissa’s private residence in Florida or Costa Rica.


  • Intensive business-building day followed by twelve 60-minute coaching sessions.
  • Includes a private dinner with Marissa and access to her inner circle.
  • 2-night stay; arrive a day prior. Pre-work required.
  • Airfare and other expenses not included. Limited availability with a seasonal waiting list.


  • Four payments of $5,000 USD.
  • One-time payment: $18,000 USD (Save $2,000).

You Are Not Alone

As a Certified Leadership Development Coach with The John Maxwell Team, I am fully equipped to help you gain life clarity, multiply your impact, and bring out your best.

Let’s bust-up those self-limiting beliefs. We’ll move forward in a positive way, tapping into your potential and stepping into powerful and lasting change.