Growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Think about it: we were never meant to develop in solitude. During our younger years we are surrounded by others guiding, instructing, and yes — coaching — us through life. Parents. Teachers. Counselors. Advisors. Pastors. Mentors.

But something happens as we move along in life: these folks start disappearing!

It doesn’t happen intentionally — it’s just life. But again, growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The problem is that by the time people realize this, they feel too far along to make a change.

I want you to live a rich life. Even better: you want to live a rich life! Deep inside, you do! The breaking point is usually this: you aren’t just sick and tired –– you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired! If you’re ready to do something about it, then consider coaching.


Coaching is a gamechanger because you learn differently now than you did in your formative years. You don’t need someone lecturing you — you need the kind of clarity that comes only from self-awareness, self-discovery, and new energy!

One of the best times to get coaching is when you feel stuck or off-course, especially in the core four areas of spiritual, emotional, relational, or financial well-being. If you’re not feeling ALIVE in any one (or all) of these areas, it’s time to do something about it!

Maybe you’re going through a transition in your career, or your relationships. Maybe you’re seeking balance, purpose, or deeper fulfillment. Maybe you’re wondering, “Of all the good things I could do, what’s the best thing?” – or you find yourself asking:

  • How do I discover my purpose?
  • How do I show up as my best self in my relationships?
  • How do I face fear or deal with confrontation?
  • How do I walk with grace through life transitions?
  • How do I live a more authentic life?
  • How do I design an intentional life where my values meet my vision?
  • How do I overcome adversity and live an empowered life?


You need a trusted guide who helps you dig deep and encourages you to dream big. I believe I’m that person. As a certified professional coach, I help you:

  • 1

    Build Self-Awareness

    Together, we’ll utilize open-ended questions to draw out what’s already brewing on the inside. Discover your passions, translate them into action steps, and take action!

  • 2

    Create Your GPS (Guided Planning System)

    We’ll chart a course using a Guided Planning System to help you navigate key decisions in your life. When you follow your GPS everything else falls into place.

  • 3

    Discover Your Unique Design

    Discover your unique design and how to apply your individual giftings to help you achieve the results you want. Get ready to be challenged towards growth.

  • 4

    Cultivate Lasting Change

    Coaching is not just about digging in to reach a goal but developing, supporting, and maintaining new habits and behaviors. It’s time for a new normal, baby!

  • 5

    Bring Out Your Best

    You are the expert on your life. As your coach, mentor, and thinking partner I am trained to support you in living out that reality. I’ll be here to point out your potential, even when you lose sight of it.


As a Certified Leadership Development Coach with The John Maxwell Team, I am fully equipped to help you gain life clarity, multiply your impact, and bring out your best.

Let’s bust-up those self-limiting beliefs. We’ll move forward in a positive way, tapping into your potential and stepping into powerful and lasting change.


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