LLR Ep 174: Impact in Your Brand and Business with Robin K. Butler

Remember when you met someone whose fashion sense left you in awe and forced you to rethink your wardrobe? That’s the impression Robin K. Butler left when Marissa first encountered her.

On this episode of Live Life Rich,  Marissa goes beyond fashion to explore Robin’s brilliance in personal and professional development consultancy. Robin, a principal consultant at Catalyst Consulting Agency, shares her 4C model – consulting, conversation, courses, and coaching – a fantastic blueprint for successful branding, which she contends can be the rocket fuel that propels businesses forward.

Navigating the maze of personal and business branding can often feel overwhelming. But we dive into the nitty-gritty, unveiling the four core branding principles. We discover how to transition from feeling insecure to being the inspiration behind your brand.

Finally, explore the transition from feeling like a fraud to making a genuine impact. Robin shares insights on the importance of personal and professional branding and how they should authentically reflect each other. Marissa and Robin also cover how to make a positive influence in the world by being professional, authentic, relational, and transparent.

Get ready to uncover the secrets of influence and learn how to authentically represent your brand for lasting impact.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Robin K. Butler’s 4C model of consulting, conversation, courses, and coaching for successful branding
  • The four core principles of branding and the transition from insecurity to an inspiration behind your brand
  • The importance of authenticity in personal and professional branding
  • Creating a strong and authentic brand and the role of a branding expert in defining your brand essence
  • Moving from feeling like an imposter to making a genuine impact in your professional and personal life
  • Robin’s advice for establishing a dynamic and influential brand using real-life examples from her experiences
  • The secrets of influence and learning how to represent your brand authentically for a lasting impact

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