10 Steps to a Successful Retirement: Part 1

For those of you who are entering or preparing for retirement, you know it can be a scary thing.


You’re probably asking the same questions I hear from my clients all the time: Will I have enough? Where do I put my money today? What do I do about things like long-term care? How do I protect my money and make sure my spouse gets that money if I pass away prematurely? 


When all is said and done, you’re asking, “How do I do all of this?”


In this episode and the next, I am going to give you very practical steps for how to navigate all of this. I am providing you with a guide that will help you through retirement.


Whether you’re preparing for retirement or already in it, this 2-part series is for you. These 10 steps will allow you to become financially free so that you can do the things you’ve always wanted to do.


The sooner you start, the better. So tune in now and step onto the path towards a successful retirement!


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why you need to anticipate taxes and inflation when planning for retirement.
  • How to determine your guaranteed income.
  • How to choose which pension payout to take.
  • Why we underestimate our spending in the first 10 years of retirement.
  • How to create a good plan for spending in retirement.
  • The difference between required spending and discretionary spending.
  • The importance of visualizing your dream retirement.

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