How to Introduce Yourself to Prospects

Years ago, I would go to K-Mart and talk to new moms about their insurance policies for their babies. 

However, as you entrepreneurs know, I never started the conversation talking about insurance. I started with a genuine and purposeful introduction. 

In other words, I practiced the art of the introduction. 

How to Introduce Yourself

In the first 5 seconds of someone meeting you, they’re making a decision about you. They’re deciding if they like you, if you seem trustworthy, and if you can help them.

Therefore, it is extremely important that anytime you introduce yourself, you build a strong connection.

The truth is people matter. What you do every day to serve people can bring you exactly where you want to be. These actions will help you live life rich in every area.

The key to introducing yourself well is self-image mastery. Present yourself in the way you want to be seen. Give people the tools they need to create a predictable outcome for you. This will get them talking about you in the way you want them to. 

However, creating this predictable outcome isn’t by chance. There is an art and a science to it. Research has shown us multiple parts to the art of the introduction.

Part 1: You and Your Message

Do you know who you are and what your message is?

If not, you need to develop clear and concise messaging of who you are, what you do, and what value you bring to a prospective client’s world.

A large part of this is knowing your customer and their needs. You may also want to dig into who they serve and communicate that as part of your introduction.

Once you know who they are, who you are, and how you can connect those dots, the relationship will just fit.

Part 2: What Problem Do You Solve?

Ask yourself this question: what’s the before and after of your clients? What do they get when they say yes to you, your product, or your service?

Once you answer that, start laying out those components to your message. Use bullet points to do this, not paragraphs. Identify seven of their major pain points that you solve. Then clearly state how you will help your clients and what wants or needs you will fulfill for them.

Part 3: The Power of Connections (Follow Up and Follow Through)

To begin, make a “who do you know list.” This should include not only who you know, but who your prospect knows.

These connections can be very powerful. However, you have to follow up and follow through with them.

I advise the 48-hour rule. Anytime you are introduced to someone, get their email, get their name, connect with them on social media, and follow up with them within 48 hours. If you break this rule, you’ll lose the opportunity to do business with that client because you’ll set a bad taste in their mouth. If you struggle to follow up within 48 hours, create systems to make sure your team is following up for you.

Additionally, remember that this isn’t one and done. This is an every single week thing. Pick specific days and hours to do your follow up and follow through. Always be consistent and persistent.

If you want to learn more about how to make an impression that brings in the right clients consistently, check out Episode 058: Art of the Introduction Part 1.

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