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If 2020 wasn’t your best year, I want to talk about how to move that forward.

I’m a move forward person. It’s why I do what I do. I help people move from where they are to where they want to be.

What better time to share that with all of you than in the new year and what better person to talk about it with than Josh Finley?

I have followed Josh over the last few years. The things that I have learned from him in that time are perfect for this detox series we are in.

In our recent conversation, I asked Josh how we can detox from a poverty mindset and instead embrace an abundance mindset?

He shared that when you have a poverty mindset, you are deciding to live under meager options. You are saying you don’t have enough to meet your needs and are just a victim of your circumstances. 

However, we must recognize that, as God’s children, we are of noble birth. We represent a Father who is so abundant that every good and perfect gift comes from Him. If our mindset is toxic, we will sabotage what God wants to give us and release through us to other people. 

If you have a poverty mindset, therefore, let the Holy Spirit rework your thinking. Trust that God gives you more than enough to meet your needs. Address your poverty mindset with repentance and humility. Let the voice of God shape your thoughts and renew your mind completely.

Along with this mindset work, Josh has done a lot of work to overcome his shame. He even wrote a book on it. 

Through various teachings he had done on helping people overcome old mindsets, God began to challenge Josh to get vulnerable with his own life. Therefore, he wrote Overcome. A lot of it is about the mistakes he has made and the shame he has had to overcome. 

When he stopped running from the shadow of who he was and started stepping into the light of who God made him to be, everything changed. Overcome shares that story.

If you want to learn more about spiritual detoxing in the new year, check out Episode 041: Spiritual Detox with Josh Finley.

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