LLR Ep 170: 10x Your Life and Business – Use This Impact Guide

There’s a ripple effect that comes from living intentionally.

On this episode of Live Life Rich, from making 10x moves in business to focusing on emotional, relational, spiritual, and even financial well-being, Marissa holds nothing back.

Join Marissa as she dives into the power of ambitious goal-setting, the importance of making pivotal choices during difficult times, and the incredible transformation that comes from refusing to settle for mediocrity.

She focuses on a game-changer tool for intentional living – the Impact Filter. You’ll hear about her health trajectory and the deliberate choices behind each action, from popping supplements to her efforts to use time wisely.

Marissa shifts lanes to empower women in business growth, where she shares her encounters from a recent summit and stresses the need to pose the right questions before making any leap.

This episode explores how investing in yourself can be a ticket to a richer life.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The importance of living intentionally and making 10x moves in all areas of life and not settling for mediocrity
  • The Impact Filter as a tool for intentional living and decision-making
  • Empowering women in business growth and asking the right questions before making decisions
  • Marissa’s personal experiences from a recent summit that emphasized the need for a supportive community and the right mindset for business growth
  • The Impact Filter and outlining how to set out a project, sell yourself on the idea, and determine success criteria
  • Determining what you need to lay down or stop doing to achieve your goals and seek help from those who can aid you in your journey
  • Investing in yourself and living intentionally, leading to a richer life and business growth

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