LLR Ep 171: Unlocking Success: From Start-Up to Scale-Up, One Step at a Time with Michelle K

Prepare to be inspired as Michelle K, a seasoned business coach with 30 years of diverse experience, unravels her unique insights on goal setting – the cornerstone of success.

On this episode of Live Life Rich, Marissa and Michelle demystify different types of business targets beyond just financial ones and delve into practical steps to translate your vision into reality.

Michelle shares her compelling narrative of personal struggles balanced with managing a flourishing business. Through her story, we discover the profound role of mindset, resilience, and a “learning attitude” in achieving success.

Marissa and Michelle also tackle business growth strategies and the delicate art of delegation. They identify common gaps between vision and reality, discuss ways to bridge these gaps, and underline the significance of delegation in paving the way for growth.

Finally, they stress the impact of action and the strategic use of key performance indicators to devise a successful game plan for your business.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur ready to scale up or an established business owner needing a fresh perspective, you’re in for a treat!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Michelle K’s five-step process designed to help startups and established business owners succeed in the competitive business landscape
  • The importance of knowing your business direction and setting goals to reach your desired destination
  • The role of mindset, resilience, and a “learning attitude” in achieving business success
  • Coaching and counseling’s pivotal role in steering entrepreneurs toward their goals and the power of self-questioning
  • Michelle’s business growth strategies, identifying common gaps between vision and reality, and the significance of delegation in paving the way for growth
  • Taking action, utilizing key performance indicators, and devising a successful game plan for your business
  • Michelle’s thoughts on repetition in fostering consistency in a business and the value of a thinking partner for course correction

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