LLR Ep 166: Eliminating Silent Killers with Monica Madden

Struggling with depression for over 40 years and then witnessing her daughter’s battles with allergies triggered Monica Madden’s life-altering journey into brain health strategy.

On this episode of Live Life Rich, meet Monica, a published author, speaker, trainer, and coach who has dedicated her life to identifying and eliminating the silent killers that lurk in our everyday lives, especially in the products we use and consume.

Join Marissa and Monica as Monica introduces the work of Dr. Daniel Aiman, a world-renowned brain health expert, and shares her proven strategies for leading a healthier life. Hear how something as simple as making your own household cleaning products or washing your fruits and vegetables with natural ingredients can dramatically improve your overall well-being.

Marissa and Monica wrap up the conversation by challenging misconceptions about water and its crucial role in health. Monica shares how ensuring our water is safe to drink can profoundly impact our physical and mental well-being.

Let’s take this journey to a healthier life together!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Monica Madden’s personal journey with depression and her daughter’s battle with allergies, leading her to discover brain health strategies and doTERRA oils
  • The dangers of silent killers present in everyday items, particularly household cleaning products and dryer sheets, which contain carcinogens harmful to our health
  • The importance of being aware of what we consume and understanding that even the food we eat and the water we drink can have an impact on our physical and mental well-being
  • The power of self-reflection and controlling our thoughts with practical strategies for maintaining healthy sleep patterns and emotional stability
  • Dr. Daniel Aiman’s work, a world-renowned expert in brain health, and his research on brain fog and the effects of toxins on our mental health
  • Monica’s program aimed at helping individuals overcome mental health challenges, linking our environment and spiritual journey to our purpose in life
  • Focusing on improving mental health in the workplace, and Monica’s strategies for fostering better relationships and providing mental health days

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