LLR Ep 161: Mindshifts vs. Mindsets

When a category three hurricane knocked at Marissa’s door, it wasn’t just the shutters that needed battening down. My mindset required a complete shift, a laser-like focus that Bruce Lee would be proud of. 

In this episode of Live Life Rich, Marissa explores how our attitudes and preparation tools can morph our perception of fear and the biggest challenges we encounter in life.

Marissa shares her experience at the Maxwell Leadership Conference and highlights how crucial learning from others can be for personal growth. She also discusses the immense importance of creating an accountability team and how this can propel us toward our passions and purpose.

Finally, Marissa shares how a vision board has kept her focused and uses mantras to maintain positivity. 

This episode is a heart-to-heart on the mindsets and shifts necessary to navigate life’s storms.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The mindset shift needed to face life’s challenges, like a category three hurricane
  • The value of preparation in navigating through both literal and metaphorical storms
  • Having an accountability team for personal growth
  • Some practical tools for personal growth, including positive affirmations, setting intentions, and creating a vision board
  • Some examples of Marissa’s personal experiences, such as attending the Maxwell Leadership Conference and dealing with a hurricane, illustrate life lessons
  • The role of mindset and focus in overcoming challenges and achieving success
  • Why self-care and carving out time for personal rejuvenation matters

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