LLR Ep 162: Gaining Personal Clarity in a Fast-Paced World with Calli Thorne

A sense of familiarity and comfort comes from sharing ideas with a dear friend, and that’s what you’re about to experience. 

On this episode of Live Life Rich, Marissa’s conversation with Calli Thorne, a seasoned keynote speaker, global leadership trainer, mindset coach, and multi-business entrepreneur, radiates warmth and wisdom as they navigate the world of family businesses, particularly in agriculture.

Marissa and Calli explore the very fabric of their personal and professional lives: communication. Calli shares practical strategies for gaining clarity, and the significant role mindset plays in operating our lives and businesses.

The power of recognizing even our smallest wins can be transformative, and Calli reminds us of that. She shares her knowledge of generational blessings and leadership and the beauty of creating an environment that accentuates our triumphs.

Join us in this enriching discussion to learn, grow, and find inspiration from Calli’s journey and the valuable lessons it holds.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Calli Thorne, a keynote speaker, global leadership trainer, mindset coach, and multi-business entrepreneur, and her journey from being a part of her family’s farm to expanding into multiple enterprises
  • The role of communication in both personal and professional relationships, and the concept of leading 360 degrees – leading our lives for ourselves, family, business, and community
  • How to find clarity in life and business, how distractions can make it hard to find the right path, and the value of a positive mindset
  • Some practical strategies for gaining clarity, shifting mindsets to view risks as opportunities, and setting aside time to reflect and ask the right questions
  • Celebrating small victories and how creating an environment that accentuates success can be transformative
  • Calli Thorne’s knowledge of generational blessings and leadership and how making decisions today can bless families across generations
  • The gap and the gain mindset, and why you should focus on achievements rather than what hasn’t been achieved

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