LLR Podcast 136: Empower You … It’s Possible … Here’s How with Julie Zaruba Fountaine


Your well-being is too often neglected, and if you want to live life rich, you have to incorporate healthy habits.

What if you could incorporate some habits into your daily routine that put you on the path to nurturing and improving your well-being?

In this episode of Live Life Rich, Marissa speaks to Julie Zaruba Fountaine, a well-being expert with more than a decade of experience and founder of EMPOWER Possible.

Julie shares some tips for handling daily stress while maintaining your well-being, some common myths about well-being, and how to create margin in your life to incorporate healthy habits.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Julie Zaruba Fountaine’s background as a well-being specialist and why she founded EMPOWER Possible
  • Some common myths about well-being she encounters often and how to address them as they relate to self, social, and systems
  • How experiencing nature can awaken and refresh your soul
  • The dimensions of well-being, how they intertwine, and how they can be influenced
  • Some practical strategies for nurturing your well-being and how to stay on track when life throws a curveball
  • How to create margin in your life to implement your healthy habits

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