How To Not Check Out But Achieve Your Goals In Every Area of Life

When we check out in the different areas of our life, things are left to chance. 

We won’t achieve our goals. We won’t have the lives of our dreams. In fact, we wake up one day and realize we’re 10 steps behind where we wanted to be. 

I’ve been there. I’ve struggled through checking out and found ways to instead check-in and get checkups. I’ve learned real-life strategies that you can also apply to your world to live life rich. 

Those strategies are:

1. Be aware of big changes in your life.

There are many changes to be aware of both in your business and in your personal life. Here is a list to get you started. Be aware of the following changes: you start a new business, buy another business, expand your business, invest more money in another person’s business, bring in a new partner, bring a new family member into your business, change your role in your company, borrow money from/for your business, purchase property for your business, buy personal property, pay off a loan, pay off or rent business property, sell your business or retire from your business, and any death, divorce, marriage, or birth.

2. Perform an annual check-up in each area of your life.

Those areas are:

  1. Taxes/finances
  2. Legal
  3. Insurance
  4. Business
  5. Relationships
  6. Spiritual

In the checkup, ask these questions:

  1. Do my action steps align with my vision/goals?

Think critically about your vision to make sure your actions align with it.

  1. Am I trading my life in for the wrong things?
  2. Is this really what I want?
  3. Am I moving the needle forward?
  4. How is my soul doing?

Then, take these actions:

  1. Don’t seek praise but criticism: ask for feedback in each of your relationships.
  2. Be laser-focused and say no to all the alternatives and distractions.
  3. Create a personal growth plan: commit to using your time to better yourself by finding your passion and becoming an expert in it.

If you want to learn more about how to not check out and instead perform checkups and do check-ins, check out Episode 051: Check In’s, Check Up’s, Don’t Check Out.

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