How to Formulate New Patterns To Transform Your Relationships

We all want to live life rich in every area of life and relationships are the key to this. You just cannot live life rich without having rich relationships.

Michelle Deering is a relationship expert. She is a graduate of Brown University, licensed psychologist, and best-selling author on Amazon. This woman is truly a powerhouse.

If you’re a mom, you know the struggle of connecting with your children. This is only made harder when they are young women who are constantly developing and changing. 

However, Michelle is a treasure-house of knowledge when it comes to connecting with our daughters. Here is what she shares with her clients to help them get rid of their baggage and bad patterns and move into new patterns in their relationships with their daughters:

1. Pause. 

Often, moms are going through life so quickly they can’t even figure out what’s going on in their relationships with their daughters. Once they have paused, they need to go back to childhood and see how their relationship with their mom has shaped them, as that relationship impacts each of us in every area of life. 

When we pause, we must ask ourselves, “What am I feeling in my body?” and “What am I feeling in my heart?” It sounds simple, but it’s very hard to decipher. We hate for anything within ourselves to be out of harmony or out of balance, so we refuse to see what’s going on. However, when we pause, we must be honest about what we are feeling and what’s in our hearts.

2. Identify how you naturally react to separation. 

At every transition stage of a child’s life, there is a separation of some kind and the mother’s reaction will impact the child. Moms need to work through this and process the thoughts and feelings they are having.

Michelle also helps adult daughters heal from the unresolved tension in their relationships with their moms:

3. Figure out what’s bothering you in your relationship with your mom. 

4. Separate from your mom and listen to what’s going on in her heart. 

There are certain things moms will never share on their own, so the daughter must listen carefully and bring things out. Whenever you recognize there is anything harmful and unresolved within you regarding your relationship with your mom, go through this process.

If you want to learn more about Michelle’s 5 keys of relationships, check out Episode 043: How to Formulate New Patterns To Transform Your Relationships w/ Michelle Deering.

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