The Keys For Executing Your Plan And Moving Your Business Forward

In business, we talk a lot about strategy, but not a lot about execution. Business schools don’t teach their students how to execute their plans. 

So, today I’m teaching you how to execute. 

When you break it down, execution is really having a good action plan. It’s taking small action steps every day that move you towards what you want in life. You can do this by training your brain.

I’m convinced there is a soul-sucker who goes out there and convinces us that we can’t do the things we want to do. We have to train our brains to push against this soul-sucker. We do this by planning to plan, training our brains to be problem-solving, using the tools and people in our toolboxes, and assessing our checkbooks and datebooks.

If you have lots of messy piles lying around your workspace and countless unfinished to-do lists, you need to start executing. I want to help you turn those piles and lists into productivity and I-got-it-done lists.

If you want to learn more about how to move your business forward and build the life you want, check out Episode 029: The Keys For Executing Your Plan And Moving Your Business Forward.


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