Take Back Your Life Part 2: My Top Strategies for Balancing The 5 Core Areas Of My Life

Many of us business owners are jugglers. We attempt to juggle dozens of balls at once. 

Sometimes, this is okay. 

There are short-term goals that are like rubber balls–if we drop them, they’ll bounce and we’ll be okay.

But some of them are like glass balls–when we drop these, they shatter and we’re left picking up the pieces. When this happens, we’re never the same.

Those glass balls are the 5 core areas of life. Last week, I gave you the first 5 steps for balancing them. Today, I’m continuing right on with the next 5. 

1. Know your peaks and troughs.

There are seasons to every business: peaks and troughs. You must know what season you’re in. Understanding what season you’re in will determines what you do and therefore how long you stay there. Part of keeping balance is continually setting goals in the peaks and implementing strategies for digging your way out and getting to the next level when you’re in the trough.

2. Make room for personal time.

Making room for personal time is a way to create balance in your business. You must set this in advance. For example, at the beginning of every year, I make a list of where I want to go and who I want to spend time with that year. I also make time to reflect at the end of every month.

Making room for personal time also includes setting boundaries. Though we could help everyone in the world, we have to make a decision about who we have the most influence on and prioritize serving them. We only have so much time, so take a look at your schedule and decide right now who you love and who you want to invest your life in. 

3. Manage your mind.

I do this early in the morning. It is one of my most important strategies. Truly our minds are battlefields. So set yourself up for awesomeness at the beginning of the day by filling your mind with uplifting, inspirational, and motivational things. 

It’s all about your perspective; managing your mind puts it in a proper perspective.

4. Communicate with others.

We communicate with people differently depending on who they are and what area of our life they are in. Take the time to identify who your inner circle people are. These are the people who have the awareness level to manage your inner thoughts and needs. They should be good to you and good for you; they can serve you and you can serve them. 

Once you identify these people, tell them what you need and want as well as what serves both of you in your relationship and what doesn’t.

5. Get enough rest.

Sometimes, getting proper rest means being still and resting our minds. From time to time, we just need to turn it off. If you have trouble resting, find something to listen to that puts you in a good state of mind. 

I turn Scripture with music on really low in the background before I go to sleep. It speaks to my soul and I end up sleeping better. For you, make a list of what brings you rest and how you can rest. Identify what refuels you and fills your tank back up.

If you want to learn more about the keys I’ve picked up along the way for living a life of balance, check out Episode 046: Take Back Your Life Part 2: How To Find Balance In Every Area Of Your Life And Business.

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