Marketing Your Movement And Knowing Your Why

If you’ve got a passion that you want to turn into profit, you have to take your business to a place where you can connect with your audience. This will only happen when you start thinking about that business as a movement.

A movement is about your passion and zest for life. It’s about the things you love. Therefore, the biggest thing that makes a movement is that sense of why. 

To start thinking about your business as a movement, develop a why that’s about connecting with a group of people and creating a sense of belonging. 

Digital specialist Duane Zingale has a ton of knowledge to share with you in this area. In our conversation, he shared that one of the first things he always does is try to lead with a story. He tries to make it personal. 

Likewise, on social media, we must share what we’ve learned through personal stories. If we were to meet someone one-on-one, we’d start to hear each other’s personal stories. It’s clear that we all want personal stories and personal connections, not platitudes and rants. So, always just stop and ask, “What can I do as I write this social media post, as I share on this podcast, or as I write this blog to actually get a reply and create a connection?”

Once you begin marketing your movement, those who are a part of that movement will naturally refer you and build momentum in a direction of transformation. This will drive your traffic and get your business on the map.

If you want to learn more about how to develop your mission and market your movement, check out Marketing Your Movement And Knowing Your Why with Duane Zingale.


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