How To Navigate College with Bryan Harding

If you’ve got kids in middle or high school, you need to start planning for college. You don’t want to be the parent who says, “I wish I would have known” five years down the road.

My dear friend Bryan Harding knows all about this topic. He has been in the financial services world in one way or another for over two decades. 

Today, Bryan travels to high schools and teaches parents how to go through the college process. He also provides individual consulting in this area. He is truly a leading expert in saving money when sending your kids to college.

In our recent conversation, I asked Bryan what the five biggest mistakes parents make when sending their kids to college are. He said that the first and biggest mistake is not understanding the FAFSA and trying to fill it out on your own.

Bryan also explained, “If you think about the free application, it kind of brings to mind, ‘Should be simple and easy.’ Couldn’t be the farthest thing from the truth… there is no instruction manual with this FAFSA form. And so the Department of Education estimates that over 75% of FAFSA submitted have errors on them… These could be small errors that in essence may not have an impact on your child’s grants and personal finances… But very likely it’s having an impact in the neighborhood of thousands of dollars of tuition grants, endowments, and things like that.” 

If you want to learn more about how to avoid these mistakes and position your kids in the right place, check out


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