How to Find Financial Freedom: Life Coaching Tips from Business Strategist Tina Marie St Cyr

Tina Marie St Cyr is an executive coach and business strategist. She is the CEO of Bonfire Coaching, LLC where she helps her clients every single day to get reconnected with who they are and then figure out how to live out their passions in their business world. 

Tina also hosts the Light Your Life podcast where she has interviewed some of the biggest names in the world. Some of her guests have included Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra, Kevin Costner, and John Gray. 

On top of this, Tina has trained with multiple powerhouse organizations, the places where we would all want to train.

As I’ve spent time listening to Tina and the things she shares, I’ve received incredible clarity in my own business. She has helped me release some of the things that interfere with me showing up as authentically as I can.

I recently got the chance to speak with her on the podcast and she gave amazing tips for all things life and business. Here are some of the highlights for all of you today.

The Power of a Plan

After Tina’s company made their first million, they celebrated like crazy. However, they quickly realized the flip side of making a million dollars. 

The heartbreak of having a million dollars in income is that at the end of the year you have to ask, “Where did it go?” 

This is why you need a plan. 

There’s especially pressure for business owners to have a plan because you have multiple employees, multiple locations, and people that depend on you for their paychecks. 

On top of this, there’s a fee for everything. There’s a cost to being poor and there’s a cost to being rich. All in all, there’s a cost to living the life that you want. It’s really just a matter of what you’re trading for that life. 

Tina learned to have a plan the hard way. This is why she is so adamant now that business owners have a plan for when they get that financial breakthrough for themselves. Make a plan for where your money is going to go and how it’s going to grow. If you’re making that money, you want that money working for you. 

In short, to make a plan look at the value of your money. Figure out what you’re going to do with that money long-term that will bring you fulfillment, grow your business, and increase the impact your business and team can have on the world. 

Overcoming Procrastination

One area where Tina works with her clients extensively is building strong habits and breaking bad habits. One of the worst of these is procrastination.

We have different levels of procrastination nowadays. We’ve given ourselves a free pass to procrastinate some things and just label it nicely by making excuses. By doing this, we’re putting ourselves lowest on the totem pole. 

However, procrastination has an amazing weight to it. Whenever we allow it to be in our mindset it becomes a weight that viruses everything we do. It steals our self-esteem, efficiency, creativity, and genius. 

Our lower minds will say, “Everybody does it from time to time.” However, ask yourself: “What if I didn’t do it?”

As soon as you say, “I’ll do that later,” that means you have to do it now. Do something right at that moment toward that thing instead of allowing the excuse mindset to say you’ll get to it later. If you’re going to get to it later, that means it’s important. So do one thing for it now. 

Additionally, you need a strategy to overcome it. One thing that causes procrastination is not knowing what you want or the inability to make a clear decision. 

Tina says to just do something, even if it’s wrong. Even if you take the wrong action, you’ll learn. One step or even half a step is better than no steps at all. 

If you want to learn more gold nuggets of wisdom from Tina, check out Episode 065: Consequences and Connections: How to Help Our Kids Live Life Rich with Tina Marie St Cyr.

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