How to Find and Evaluate Mentors to Get the Results You Want in Your Business and Life

Today, I am talking about another million-dollar mistake many entrepreneurs make. It is one that costs people their money, time, happiness, and even their lives. 

On the other hand, the people who are making it in this world have mastered this area: they have found the right thinking partners in every area of life. 

I love helping people make a difference in the world with the things that set their souls on fire. So today I am giving you actual practical strategies you can apply today that will help you take control of this area of mentorship and thus take control of your business and life.

The 5 Areas of Mentorship

  1. Personal and business growth plan: these mentors will help you take control of your life emotionally 
  2. Financial 
  3. Spiritual: when you’re disconnected from your source, everything else in your life will be off, so these mentors help you take care of your soul
  4. Physical
  5. Relationships: these mentors help you learn to communicate and manage your relationships in a healthy way

Questions You Should Ask When Choosing Mentors

First, ask what they can do to help you. There are so many different things a mentor can help you with such as introductions (telling you who they know that you need to know), learning opportunities (teaching you what they know that you need to know), and by coming alongside you to get you to the place of success where they are. 

The second question you must ask is if they are in a place where you want to be in one of the 5 mentorship areas. They don’t need to have mastered all of them, but must be excellent in the one they’re mentoring you in. 

Thirdly, ask why you need them. 

Finally, ask what results they will get you and in what time frame.

How to Evaluate Your Mentors

Put your mentors through the litmus test each quarter. 

Ask if you are growing forward, making a difference, and moving the needle at all in the area in which they are mentoring you. Ask yourself if the dollars and cents you are investing in them are getting you the results you want. 

Do a realistic assessment of all of this by being completely honest with yourself. If you’re not getting the results you want, fire that mentor. Know how much your life and your money are worth. Stop going broke by paying mentors that are not getting you where you want to be.

If you want to learn more about mentorship and the various aspects of it that will lead you to great success, check out Episode 048: Million-Dollar Mistakes: How to Pick the Right Thinking Partners in These Five Core Areas.

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