Detox Or Die: Why Detoxing Is Crucial For Your Health & Wellbeing

You all know that I love to talk about how to live life rich in every area of life: emotionally, relationally, spiritually, financially, and physically. Today, we are honing in on that last area.

Mia Arancillo is a health and mindset coach. I met her through the John Maxwell Team a few years ago and have been following her and benefitting from her tips on social media ever since. 

I recently had an amazing conversation with her in which we discussed how to detox physically. This is where Mia specializes. She has an extensive background in gut health and detoxing. 

Where to Start with Getting Healthy

It always must start with a detox. Don’t just start trying to lose weight because, though the pounds may come off, the toxins will remain. They may even shift to a more detrimental part of your body. 

So, start with testing for toxins. There are many ways that Mia does this in her practice. One of the most common ways is to do a simple urine test. This will tell you your overall toxic burden. The goal of detoxing is to decrease the burden.

After testing, go through Mia’s 3 phases of detoxing.

1. Detox with your food. 

This doesn’t just mean eating healthy. The food you are eating isn’t necessarily the problem–it’s the toxins in those foods. Mia puts her clients through a 10-day food detox where they eat vegan, no soy, no dairy, no meat, low sugar, low processed foods, and low oil.

2. Do a lymphatic detox. 

This happens through your skin. The lymphatic system moves toxins from your skin into your liver and kidney. There are many simple ways Mia recommends to go about this phase which you can find on her Facebook or her website

3. Do a cellular detox. 

This is how we get rid of the toxins in our liver. You can do this simply through supplementation. Mia teaches how to supplement correctly.

Our physical health is an area of our life where we have to life life rich–we don’t have a choice. If we don’t get our health in check, every other area of our lives will suffer, too. Prioritize yourself and put this into action today!

If you want to learn more about how to detox, secure your physical wellbeing, and save yourself money and heartache on the backend, check out Episode 042: Detox Or Die: Why Detoxing Is Crucial For Your Health & Wellbeing with Mia Arancillo.

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