Your Money: What to do at 42

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42 is a bit of a tough age.


You’re right in the middle of things. 


You’ve probably still got some kids at home but you’re on your way to becoming an empty nester. 


You’re at the midpoint of your career. 


You’re also right at the beginning of the time frame when most people have a midlife crisis.


All of this makes being 42 an interesting season of life. Today, I want to give you some practical tips on how to navigate it.


Specifically, I want to teach you what to do with your money when you’re 42.


As I shared last week, we’re in turbulent times right now. Whether you’re 22, 42, or 62, the market affects you. When it’s a crazy market like today’s, you need to get a handle on your finances or you’ll be pulled down with it.


Tune in to learn just how to do this when you’re in your forties.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • The core four of your finances.
  • Who your worst business partner ever is.
  • Why it’s so important to know where your cash is going.
  • How to max out your 401k as a W2 employee.
  • How to save on taxes with a side hustle.
  • How to coordinate all of your legal documents.
  • Risk management action steps.
  • Bear market = buyer’s market.
  • Investment opportunities in the current market.
  • How to set up an equity line of credit.

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