10 Steps to a Successful Retirement: Part 2

I’ve said it a thousand times: those who fail to plan, plan to fail.


I say this so often because I believe it is absolutely true. 


We all want to achieve financial freedom. We want to be able to say who, what, when, and where we’ll live our life. However, that financial freedom is only possible on the other side of a focused plan.


Today, I want to help you create that plan.


In the last episode, I started the 10 steps to a successful retirement. Today, I’m finishing them off and talking about how to structure retirement: how to get it, keep it, and make sure you can sleep at night through it.


No matter your age, if you’re concerned about retirement, your parents, your children, or your future, this episode is for you.


Once again, a happy and successful retirement starts with sufficient planning. So tune in now and I’ll teach you practical steps for creating a plan, making decisions that create opportunity, and getting the exact outcome you want.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • What to do if you’re short (i.e. your guaranteed income doesn’t meet your required expenses).
  • How to tweak your expenses for extra cash flow.
  • What to do when cutting expenses isn’t doing the trick.
  • Ways you can bring more money in during retirement.
  • What to do with your nest egg.
  • How to get your money working for you.
  • How to make a plan for what will happen when you pass away or can’t make decisions for yourself.

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