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My purpose with this podcast is to come alongside you and help you live the life of your dreams–a life that is not by default, but one that you’ve designed. I can’t think of a better way to do this than by sharing the lessons I’ve learned from the person who’s changed my life the most.

This woman has spoken life into me, prayed over me, and helped me make some of the most important decisions at critical times in my life.

The lessons she’s taught me have shaped my life, my business, the adventures I’ve had, and even this podcast.

You know I want you to live life rich. This includes all five core areas of wealth. Today you will learn all about being relationally rich.

If you didn’t have someone who was your biggest cheerleader and taught you how to thrive through struggle, take these 7 lessons for yourself. Apply them to your life and go live your amazing adventure.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Give back and show up for your community.
  • How to sow good seeds.
  • The power of having an attitude of gratitude.
  • Why we need to do the things that scare us.
  • How to protect your young.
  • Never let your past define you.


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